Processing solutions for high-risk merchants.

New Age Payments collaborates with multiple processors, banks, and technology providers, enabling us to enroll high-risk merchants in previously unavailable programs.

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Providing exceptional solutions with world-class support.

Low Cost Plans

Our transparent and cost-effective rate plans, tailored through our banking and processing relationships, guarantee effortless processing and maximum savings for merchants.

Personalized Support

We provide high-risk merchants with dedicated support teams that offer prompt and VIP treatment to address their inquiries and provide exceptional service.

Diverse Solutions

Our partnerships with domestic processors and technology providers enable us to offer high-risk merchants effective alternative processing solutions that are hard to find.

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Making secure high risk payments seamless.

Our partnerships with numerous processors and banks, as well as our commitment to offering alternative solutions enable us to place high-risk merchants into domestic merchant accounts at the lowest rate plans available.

We prioritize expediting every account set up in the most efficient manner possible.

Communicating ongoing updates and providing support to businesses that require it.

Unparalleled expertise in payment solutions for high-risk merchants.

Our technology partnerships allow us to cater to the unique needs of high-risk merchants by providing them with alternative payment processing solutions, such as E-Check and ACH processing.

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Solutions that exceed expectations.

We are committed to providing simple and secure payment processing, tailored to your specific needs, regardless of how you accept payments.

We provide affordable, cost-based processing solutions without any mark-up.

Personalized solutions tailored to your businesses needs only.

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